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IO2                               SHIPPING PRACTICE

hours for reporting, the Collector of Customs may on
receiving a request in writing, allow bulk to be broken,
prior to report being lodged. This permission, however,
does not relieve the ship from its responsibility of reporting
within the stipulated period of 24 hours.

In the case of a steamer sailing outwards, the procedure
is reversed. The master must obtain a shipping bill for
stores, and present to the Custom House a report of the
cargo he is carrying outwards within six days.

He must also produce the light dues receipt, and his
clean bill of health before the clearance is obtained.

The master must on entry, but not clearance, attend the
Customs House in person and produce his papers, which
include the ship's register.
The documents required for Clearance are—
Register                               Victualling bill

Load line certificate              Master's declaration

Wireless certificate                Pilotage receipt

Light bill
For coastwise without stores—

Jerque note

Application is then made to the pilot to see the ship clear
from the waters of the port.